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T-bone accidents are most common at intersections in Plantation, Florida. Offending motorists fail to pay adequate attention, speed excessively, are impaired by drugs or alcohol, refuse to obey the relevant traffic lights or signals, or engage in any combination of these dangerous practices.

Being hit broadside by another driver tends to come out of nowhere, leaving you exceptionally vulnerable to serious injuries and losses. If you’ve been injured in a T-bone accident, seek the skilled legal guidance of a Plantation car accident lawyer at Scarfone Auto Accident and Personal Injury Attorneys. We have experience successfully handling challenging T-bone accident claims and are ready to discuss your case.

What Is a T-Bone Accident?

The term T-bone refers to the T-shape that the two involved vehicles end up forming. These accidents involve one motorist driving directly into the side of another, bringing both vehicles to an abrupt and dangerous halt. Except in rare instances, the motorist who hits the side of the other vehicle is generally at fault.

T-Bone Accidents at Intersections

Intersections are the hotspots on our roadways where traffic flowing in every conceivable direction converges, making them prime locations for accidents when motorists fail to make proceeding safely their prime concern.

When it comes to T-bone accidents, the involved vehicles are generally traveling perpendicular to one another, which means one of the following is typically the cause:

  • A motorist either blasts through a red light and, in the process, plows into another vehicle that is crossing the intersection according to the traffic signals.
  • A motorist who makes an ill-advised left turn on a green light – without a turn arrow –and travels headlong into the side of a vehicle traveling straight through their green light.
  • A motorist who fails to pay attention to what is happening in the intersection – irrespective of what the traffic lights tell them.
  • A motorist fails to stop at a stop sign and hits a vehicle legally passing through the intersection.

Every T-bone accident has unique circumstances that require a head-on car accident lawyer to assess.

The Impact of T-Bone Accidents

It’s important to note that the impact of a T-bone accident can be especially dangerous. While the vehicles we drive have a trunk to buffer rear-end accidents and a hood to buffer front-end accidents, the sides of our vehicles don’t afford a crumple zone, which leaves us more vulnerable to the full force of side-impact accidents like T-bone crashes. Further, while most newer vehicles have some form of side airbags, many older vehicles do not.

Losses Suffered in T-Bone Accidents

The losses – or legal damages – you suffer in a T-bone accident can be expansive, including:

  • Property damage to your car and its contents
  • Mounting medical bills that may stretch into the future if your injuries are serious
  • Lost income that may need to address lost earning potential
  • Your physical and emotional pain and suffering, which can amplify the effects of your other losses

Looking to a respected Plantation car accident law firm for professional legal guidance can help to ensure that every category of loss you experience is clearly represented in your car accident claim.

Negligent Drivers Contribute to T-Bone Crashes

If another driver T-bones your vehicle, any primary forms of driver negligence may be involved.

Drunk driving

Drunk drivers drive impulsively and often fail to pay attention to traffic lights, signs, and signals. This is an excellent setup for a T-bone accident. When a drunk driver enters an intersection without being given the go-ahead by the lights that manage it, there is a high chance that they’ll T-bone another driver.

Speeding drivers

Drivers who speed greatly increase the risk that an accident will happen and the risk that it will prove fatal. Speeding motorists often lack the ability to stop in time to avoid risk factors, including the ability to stop safely for a red light. Speeding drivers often cause T-bone accidents.

Distracted drivers

Motorists who don’t pay attention to driving safely are especially dangerous in intersections – where monitoring traffic traveling in every direction is critical. When a driver is buried in their phone – one of the most prevalent and dangerous distractions – they are much more likely to plow into other vehicles when passing through intersections.

Drowsy drivers

Drivers with too little sleep can have difficulty concentrating and generally experience many of the same impairment drunk drivers do – putting them at risk of causing T-bone accidents.

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